Current economic reports have noted the US Inflation index has reached a 40 year high.

Higher across the board Interest rates are expected, with a new recession in the US likely by the end of 2022 – 2023.

A Global Cold War in Eastern Europe has begun. Prices for all goods and service will continue to rise in the foreseeable future, with the added real threat of an electronic Cyber War with Russia.

The above reality will have an uncertain economic impact on the event and industrial equipment rental business.

Higher operating cost, starting with continued supply chain delays for minerals used to make computer chips, along with 30% of European wheat that is exported from Ukraine, will have a cascading effect on small and large businesses, who will have no other option than to pass their increased operating cost onto their customers.

We will remain optimistic, with an abundance of caution, that in our local post COVID economy, currently on the rise, that mankind will once again weather the storm of uncertainty, for what we at GU must believe will be a Better and Better today and tomorrow.


Randall Venerable
President / CEO
Generators Unlimited, Inc.

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