Emergency Standby Generators for Rent In Stanford

If an earthquake of great magnitude were to strike, the damage would be widespread and extensive. This is especially if it were to occur in a region that’s not well-prepared for earthquakes. Stanford is one such place. Under such circumstances, the demand for emergency power generators would greatly increase. Our backup power generator systems work best in areas that lose power during earthquakes yet aren’t badly damaged, places such as Stanford. Our portable power generators are especially sturdy so they can withstand the powerful aftershocks after a Californian earthquake.


Some companies in California are permanently using standby generators for business or personal purposes, as a form of insurance. The disadvantages of going without a backup generator can be devastating. But the small cost of having a portable generator at your side when an earthquake or blackout hits will be nothing compared to the benefits. This is why companies such as AT&T Wireless in California was able to work through blackouts earlier this year without problems. Though AT&T Wireless does not have permanently installed backup generators in their California sites, it does have many portable generators that it uses when its standard power source shuts off.


Generators Unlimited Is Your Power

We are Stanford’s #1 source for premium portable power generators! Though based in San Francisco, we have an experience in the industry that has shown us that providing backup power systems is something needed all across California. We will help Stanford businesses power all of their important events and equipment. Electricity is taken for granted until it’s out. Let Generators Unlimited be there for you if and when this happens.


An Alternative to Sitting Through a Blackout

Generators Unlimited provides reliable generators for all types of commercial, industrial and emergency applications in Stanford and Northern California. Wherever needed, Generators Unlimited will be there with backup power. Our biodiesel generators are clean; our “movie-silent” generators are absolutely silent, and our customer service is far better than our competitors’. This is why we can keep clients for nearly two decades. Whether you are in the market to rent a small power generator in Stanford or you need a large portable power generator for emergency standby activities in San Jose, we offer unparalleled service and support. Generators Unlimited sets the service at a benchmark high. After all, two portable power generators of the same type are the same, but the service that comes with those generators will differ based on the company you rent from. Keep your event trouble-free and your workers safe by renting from us.

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