500a (single axle)


Dimensions – *174 x 96 x 84’’
Weight – 5600 lbs
DB rating @ 7 meters (23 feet) – 55 db
Wattage & Amperage – 500 amps at 120v (60,000 watts)
Adjustable Voltage – Yes (120/240v, 120/208v)
Fuel – Diesel (*100 / 140 gal)
Runtime – *70 hours @ idle // 25 hours @ 100% load

*Generator units vary, call to confirm what options are included on your rental.


  • Upon initial startup, the engine does not run on its' own and shuts down. -> Start it again (eco throttle OFF) and after it turns over, keep the choke pulled fully out and slowly push in completely over the course of about two minutes. If it bogs down, then pull out the choke and continue this process until the engine runs smoothly with the choke completely in.
  • Unit will not turn on with the ignition switch / hear a clicking sound when starting the engine -> Battery may be dead. After completing the first step, instead go to the side of the unit and pull the start rope to turn the engine over.
  • Unit bogs down after plugging something in -> Disconnect and power up elsewhere.
  • Unit shut down with no additional appliance -> Check fuel gauge on top and add gasoline as needed.
  • Oil alert on the front panel -> Level the unit, the oil pan is small and the sensor needs to detect the oil.
  • Exhaust blowing white smoke -> Confirm that the choke is off, switch off the unit and check if the air filter is dry, call us if this continues.




Providing the comfort of problem hardened technicians to be onsite, ready to monitor the units and remedy whatever issues may come up.
**Required for paralleled units and standby backup service**


For long-term rentals or just not worrying about doing it yourself, we can deliver fuel for our own units to keep them going for 24 hour runtimes or just peace of mind right before the show.


Ranging from simple fuel polishing to a full fluids and load testing service, our experienced technicians can remedy a variety of problems.

Policies & Terms of Service



Customers are required to sign and fax back the Rental Estimate and disclaimer form to confirm all rentals. A Lease Agreement and Certificate of Insurance must be on file for the year or per each event before equipment deliveries can be scheduled.

WEEK consists of seven (7) rental days.
Rental HOURS are based on a 0-12 hour single shift day.
Second Shift rental rate based on 12-16 hour runtime at rate x 1.5.
Triple Shift rental rate based on 16-24 hour runtime at rate x 2 (double the base rate).

Long term weekly and monthly discounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All cancellations must be received by phone at least 24 hours prior to scheduled delivery time.
Cancellation of technical operators requires 24-hour notice or a charge of $450.00, based on a minimum ten (10) hour operator day, will be applied to all rental contracts.

Dark days will be billed a 1/2-day rental rate.

One (1) day equipment travel to or from locations more than 4 hours one-way from GU’s Brisbane terminal at NO CHARGE.

Based on per day rental. Long term weekly and monthly discounts considered on a case-by-case basis.

Customers will be given a two (2) business day courtesy period to return equipment. On the 3rd business day with no return, an invoice will be generated and sent to customers for the replacement cost. All invoices for missing/lost/damaged equipment will be billed as due on receipt.

Please feel free to contact us with questions:
415-468-2868 Voice
415-468-2541 Fax

Terms of Service


Equipment Rental Policies and Procedures
Please read and become familiar with our new equipment rental Policies and Procedures.

Payment and New Account Policy
Invoices are rendered at the end of the rental period. All accounts are Net 30 days from invoice date unless otherwise noted. A charge of 1.5% may be added to invoices not paid within 30 days. Credit references are required of all new accounts. 30 day terms will only be extended after credit has been checked and approved.

Service Call Rates**
Travel rate $95.00/hr
Scheduled service tech labor $120.00/hr
Service call/fuel delivery $75.00/hr
Service call (weekends, holidays or emergency) $140.00/hr
Service truck mileage $2.40/mile
Miscellaneous hardware for parts & service 1.93%
Environmental charge for all labor totals 1.5%
All pricing FOB from equipment location (Brisbane, CA)
**Prices subject to change without notice**

Rate Schedule
All generator rental rates quoted are based on single shift operation. Double shift operation increases rates by 50%. 24-hour continuous usage (triple shift) doubles rental rate. Weekly and monthly rates are available on request. Equipment is considered “on rental” until returned to our Brisbane depot.

Shift Lengths – Sound Attenuated
Single shift: 0-12 hours
Double shift: 12-16 hours
Triple shift: 16-24 hours

Shift Lengths – Industrial
Single shift: 0-8 hours
Double shift: 8-16 hours
Triple shift: 16-24 hours

Additional Services Rate Schedule

Sales tax: California sales tax will be added for any supplies/parts purchased by Generators Unlimited on behalf of client.

Insurance: Customer shall furnish insurance coverage on all equipment rented naming Generators Unlimited as additional insured and loss payee prior to release of equipment.

Downtime: Downtime is not credited. Customer must report all failures immediately.

Fuel Delivery: Fuel delivery service for Generators Unlimited units $75.00 per hour (portal-to-portal). Diesel fuel will be charged at $5.00 per gallon. SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN PER GALLON MARKET RATES. All units delivered with full tanks.

Cleaning charge: A flat rate of $65 will be charged for return of excessively dirty equipment.

Driver Stand-by Rate: $55/hr will be charged for onsite time over our normal 30-minute courtesy period.

Generator Operator/Technician Rate: Qualified operator rate is $450.00 for a ten-hour day. Overtime rates at one and one-half time for first two hours then double time thereafter.

Lodging and per diem: Client to pay reasonable expenses, including lodging, for driver/operator/technician on all jobs requiring layover of one or more days. A per diem charge of $50.00 per day will be paid directly to the service provider for meals during the layover period.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Maintenance Summary: All units are recorded with “last” servicing hours. Units will be serviced between rentals by Generators Unlimited, Inc. Customer is responsible for servicing engine on extended rentals.
  • Filter Change: Every 125 to 250 hours.
  • Fuel/Filter Water Separate (Racor) Change: Every 100 hours. May vary based on element size and contamination factor.
  • Air Filter: Check daily, change as necessary
  • Pump Bearing: Grease daily by Generators Unlimited only.
  • Oil and Coolant: Check daily, maintain proper level and additive concentration.
  • Engine Filters: To be supplied by Generators Unlimited (billed to customer).
  • Fuel: All units are delivered with full fuel tanks. Customer shall return units full or be charged for cost of refueling at prevailing rate.
  • Electrical: Customer is responsible for proper electrical connections to generator output terminals.
  • Contracts: All equipment rentals are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Contract and must be signed by an authorized representative prior to delivery of unit. Vandalism or damage to units during rental period is customer’s responsibility as covered under loss payee portion of insurance provided. Equipment is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed prior to receipt of signed contract.
  • Safety: It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the strictest safety standards.
    This may require posting warning notices, cordoning off operations area and/or providing security personnel if there is any reasonable expectation that unauthorized persons, children, animals or other individuals may accidentally come into contact with electrical equipment during the rental period. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide qualified and experienced personnel to operate equipment if Generators Unlimited is not asked to provide a qualified operator.

NOTICE: Sound attenuated generator sets must be serviced by a qualified service technician provided by or approved by Generators Unlimited.