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After becoming the largest generator rental company in Northern California history, Generators Unlimited stopped focusing on expansion and started focusing on customer service. Our customer service system is focused entirely on relationship building. Our philosophy is to make your event or party possible, running as smoothly as possible. Should you have any questions or special needs, just let us know.

Our company’s initial focus was on merely procuring and renting generators across Northern California. But during the past financial crisis, almost all buyers and renters were focused only on price. Our generators were already widely used by special events and the movie industry in Northern California. But we found that after 2008, our customers were looking for more. CEO Randall Venerable was amongst one of the few 2008 business owners who recognized the potential of shifting the company focus to customer satisfaction. He persuaded the other departments in Generators Unlimited to carry out a new system of customer satisfaction. The idea was at first not entirely supported, but soon everyone was in; it was simple: Seeing a happy customer made us happy.

Diesel Power Generators Draw Attention

Generators Unlimited is proud to be one of the few generator rental companies that rents “movie-silent” generators in Northern California. The “movie-silent” name originated from the California’s movie industry. Today, the movie industry cares greatly about small details in sound quality. Loud diesel generators draw attention via their noise, which is why we’ve switched to offering both “movie-silent” generators to those who need them AND diesel power generators in northern California. Our employees are constantly working to find out how we can meet our customers’ needs for every event, as our customer base has diverse needs. Today, we are only focusing on the (vast) Northern California area, so prospects from other parts of California need not apply. At one time we were thinking of expanding as far as possible, but now we just want to make our community’s residents happy.

We are your #1 power generator rental service here in San Francisco and Northern California. We stock a large inventory of generators for all of your special event needs. Whether you’re holding a movie shooting, a wedding or a concert, we can supply the generators and service. The customized solution is our bread and butter. Whatever you need, just name it. We promise to provide the best customized solution you can get in Northern California. Whether you need a premium generator with enough power for standby industrial jobs or a specialized piece of technology to power your outdoor event, we are certified to give you the best! Get quality service at a fair and affordable price. We won’t turn you away because of budget or location (provided you are in our area), so hurry up and give us a call now!

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