GU now has a new Portable LED Light Tower available for rental. We’ve added the diffused “Glow Light” feature, plus an auxiliary fuel tank, providing up to 45-hours run-time capacity. Perfect for all your lighting needs!

All-In-One Beacon LED Tower

The Lind Equipment five-time award winning Beacon LED Tower brings you all the light you’ve come to expect from traditional 4x1000W metal halide light towers, but in a new, revolutionary package. The compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable, All-In-One Beacon LED Tower can be used an electric powered light tower, a generator powered light tower and as a no-glare diffuser light tower.

The All-In-One full-power light tower has three modes for different applications. The diffuser mode for roadside construction and events. The electric tower mode for quiet, indoor, fume-free lighting, and a user supplied 1000-2000W generator mode to illuminate remote areas. The All-In-One is a single asset that replaces owning, maintaining, and transporting three separate lighting assets. Why own three when you only need one?

The no-glare diffuser frames tightly clip onto the back of the powerful, 30,000 lumen light heads to prevent any movement while in use. Easily adjust the light heads to provide diffused light in the direction you need it most.

Key Benefits

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Incredibly easy deployment
  • Very low maintenance required
  • Ability to daisy-chain multiple towers and tools
  • 2 Towers can run on a 15A circuit
  • Use with ‘suitcase’ type generators, or run off external power
  • Direct Drive high-efficiency LED lighting
  • Diffuser frames fit into a carrying case
  • Clip on diffuser frames in under one minute
  • Fits through man doors and two towers can easily fit in the back of a pick-up truck
  • LEDs are maintenance free
  • No ballast or bulbs to break

Call us for more information about this versatile lighting unit. We work every day to satisfy our customer’s power needs and provide superior service.

“Better & Better!”


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