Generators Unlimited in 2016 embarked on a number of Green initiatives, to include changing our facility lighting to 100% LED. Our current Green initiative is the introduction of a Hydrogen LED Fuel Cell Light Tower, recently demonstrated at the University of California Berkeley to light the middle swimming pool lane for a college swim meet. Like many companies, at Generators Unlimited we feel it important for our company to do our very best to help our “Planet Earth Breath a little easier.” We are continuing our research into innovation, exploring emerging technologies like UPS Battery “gone portable.” With improvements in Battery technology, we are excited about the possibility of a Battery Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator system where the Fuel Cell generator is used to charge high output KW battery packs that can supply extended uninterrupted power for special events that can also help save lives for emergency response. In 2009 Generators Unlimited took the lead in converting a Trailer Mounted Studio Diesel Generator and a Diesel Pick Up Tow vehicle to run on 100% SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), also referred to as Bio-Diesel. In 2012 GU literally rolled out a Solar Panel mounted on a Trailer that used batteries to store DC power – inverted to AC to power lighting and sound systems at several of customers location events. Is Generators Unlimited a “Green” company? Just watch and see how “Green” Generators Unlimited continues to become in 2017 and beyond. In Peace and Friendship.