Generators for Rent – San Francisco

Generators Unlimited was founded by industry veterans who recognized that purchasing a power generator is just too expensive for most event companies. This is especially true for individuals who are holding their first power-hungry event. To become competitive with generator sales companies, we decided to rent out generators before other companies in San Francisco realized this need. We also understood that dramatic cost reduction achieved by renting (instead of buying) will make holding events fundamentally better — more of your budget can be spent on making your event remarkable! Thus, we are taking a different approach than most generator companies in San Francisco: rent diesel power generators in northern California so as to indirectly improve the quality of events. We aren’t here bragging about our incrementally better technologies. Instead, we are here to admit we know why you need a power generator: It is all about creating the best event possible!

San Francisco Generators for Hire

For most events, it is a wiser and easier option to rent your power generator as opposed to buying one. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get the generator unit installed by a professional. Because this is a potentially dangerous installation, it is important that you have it done by an experienced professional. We charge zero fees for this installation. Whether you need a silent generator in San Francisco or a portable generator in Oakland, we rent it. With a large ready-to-rent inventory, we can fill the needs of most events. It’s been two decades since we started this generator rental company in San Francisco. We’ve filed requests for an emergency standby equipment to requests for movie filmings.

Power Generator Hire for San Francisco Concerts

San Francisco is a musical city. Without its numerous outdoor concerts, San Francisco wouldn’t have a name for music. But outdoor concerts require large amounts of power, and batteries just can’t cut it! What would you do if your concert suddenly ran out of power? These days, most people simply take power generation for granted. They think that what’s powering their amplifiers and lights will never go out. But that’s not always the case. And that’s why a generator rental isn’t an easy decision. What if you rent an old generator that suddenly goes out in the middle of your concert? The reality of the matter is that most power generator companies have generators that are in desperate need of updating. At Generators Unlimited, however, we ensure that our generators aren’t going to cut out on any of our customers. In fact, we guarantee it!

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