• Broadcast & Event Power

    Our portable generators have powered some of the most widely covered live broadcast events. We have served the broadcast and film industry providing power, climate control and lighting.

    Movie Quiet Generators

Featured Broadcast & Film Products

Our technically advanced “movie-quiet” generators offer reliable and redundant power on set or on location.

Twin pack generators

Twin Pack Generators

The container is a system of two generators working together to provide fully redundant backup power. The generator is powered by dual turbocharged and aftercooled Volvo engine that meets Tier 3 EPA emissions standards.

Portable light rentals

Light Towers

The GloBug is a balloon type light and is used in place of conventional lamps in a light tower.  It reduces glare in the work area, eliminates shadows and improves safety.  This makes the GloBug ideal for highway work, job sites and special events.

Generator van rental

Van Generators

Inside this Mercedes Sprinter 3500 is a 1200 amp generator. Supply power to any event while keeping a low profile.

Let’s get you shooting. We look forward to providing you with reliable products and excellent service.

Powering Events