I know I need portable power but don’t know where to start.

Call us!  We’ve got a whole portfolio of cables, distribution, and a team very capable of helping you with power maps and getting you prepped down to the individual cable.

How big a generator do I need?

That depends!  Our most popular rental is a 500amp studio unit, covers a good portion of events, weddings, small motion picture shoots, etc.

What do I need if I’m doing a DJ / karaoke event?

Most DJ events that involve a basic interface / mixer setup, a couple of speakers with subs, and a handful of LED fixtures–you’d likely be comfortable with one of our smallest towed units, an 18kw / 150amps total.

I’m looking to buy a generator, do you only rent?

Nope!  We also sell new generators, call for availability and pricing options.

It’s fire season and I want to know that I will have emergency standby power ready for home / business.

We can help you here, actually.  For example: if you want to have a generator ready and available for you during the month of June, we can arrange a reduced rate and keep a unit set aside for you.  When you need it, we’ll have it dispatched to you within four hours.  This goes case by case, so definitely call to see what we can work out.

Can I get a discount?

Our rates are firm, but we’re open to having a discussion on special circumstances.

I need to run specialty equipment for my job site, what are the options for running a variety of voltages?

So we’ve got a couple of options here: most of our generators have switchable voltages (120/208v, 120/240v, & 277/480v) and we also have transformers to either step up or step down voltages if there’s a need for 240v in one place and 480v in another spot down the line, for example, then that’s certainly doable.