Diesel Generators In Fresno

Generators Unlimited has been supplying Sanford with diesel generators for over 16 years! We are the number one generator rental company in Northern California. We have been providing power generator rentals in Stanford to companies and individuals ranging from construction companies to event producers. View our website and blog to see examples of the events we have put on in Sanford, Berkeley, and San Francisco (the location of our headquarters).

After more than doubling in price over the past ten years, the cost of diesel has affected many businesses, including ours. Yet we aim to keep prices low. While we don’t like to flaunt the low prices of our rentals, you should know that we do our best to fight the rising diesel prices. As our goal is supplying electric power generators in Fresno, we want to ensure that the events that require diesel generators can still rent them at an affordable price.

Silent Diesel Generators in Stanford, CA 94305

We overthink every diesel generator purchase our company makes. When we buy a multi-thousand dollar generator, as we do quite often, we do our research, analyzing whether Stanford residents will get more benefit out of this diesel generator rental than others. But so far, we have been happy with all our generators. One such type, a new type of generator, is especially useful for events that would be disturbed by the not-so-gentle humming of a diesel generator. With these new “silent generators,” you can run your wedding or move filming without being disturbed by the sound of a running generator. You could run these babies in a national park and not scare away even a chipmunk.

For those of you familiar with California, as most Stanford residents are, you’ll know that many Californians consider California to consist of two separate states: Northern California and Southern California. While the borders of these states are not well defined, most California residents have an idea of which state lies where on the US map. Of course, every business has a motivation to expand, but expansion comes at a cost. At Generators Unlimited, we’ve defined our market clearly: Northern California. We’ve done so for three reasons. First, the population of Northern California is enough to support our business. Second, we are much more familiar with the communities here (in fact, we are residents here!) and would prefer to keep providing generators to the communities that we know and love, sending our silent generators to Oakland and helping event planners power up their amps and lighting in Stanford. Third, because we have to actually drive the generators out to you, we want to make it fast for you and less troublesome for our drivers. Should you need us, we sit here on the San Francisco Peninsula. We can send you a generator, as long as you are in Northern California — whether Woodside or Stanford. Just pick up the phone and give us a call (call again if our lines are busy; they will free up in a few minutes).

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