In today’s ever changing landscape of electric powered vehicles, Bicycles, Scooters, Skate Boards, Motorcycles, Semi-Tractors, Pick Up Trucks, a Tesla “Electric Pusher” Luxury Motor home, Planes, Trains and Boats; well how about and Electric Tractor for Organic farmers out there?

Concept developer Steve Heckeroth has designed an Electric Tractor that is “Green” for your “Greens.”

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Generators Unlimited in 2016 has embarked on a number of Green initiatives, to include changing our facility lighting to 100% LED.

Our current Green initiative is the introduction of a Hydrogen LED Fuel Cell Light Tower, recently demonstrated at the University of California Berkeley to light the middle swimming pool lane for a college swim meet.

Like many companies, at Generators Unlimited we feel it important for our company to do our very best to help our “Planet Earth Breath a little easier.”

We are continuing our research into innovation, exploring emerging technologies like UPS Battery “gone portable.”

With improvements in Battery technology, we are excited about the possibility of a Battery Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator system where the Fuel Cell generator is used to charge high output KW battery packs that can supply extended uninterrupted power for special events that can also help save lives for emergency response.

In 2009 Generators Unlimited took the lead in converting a Trailer Mounted Studio Diesel Generator and a Diesel Pick Up Tow vehicle to run on 100% SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), also referred to as Bio-Diesel.

In 2012 GU literally rolled out a Solar Panel mounted on a Trailer that used batteries to store DC power – inverted to AC to power lighting and sound systems at several of customers location events.

Is Generators Unlimited a “Green” company?

Just watch and see how “Green” Generators Unlimited continues to become in 2017 and beyond.

In Peace and Friendship in 2017.

Power Generator Hire in Northern Ca

Since the 1990s, Generators Unlimited (that’s us!) has been buying and renting power generators directly to our Northern California neighbors. We practically invented the power generator rental business. Because we cut out the middleman, we can deliver premium generators at small-business pricing. When you get your power generator from Generators Unlimited, you know you are getting exactly what you need for your event — WITH support. Whether you want a silent generator in Sonoma or a diesel power generator in Napa, we provide the best choice at a more-than-fair price. We only sell top quality generators, as we eliminate those too old or outdated. To support our community, we do our best to purchase generators from the United States when all other characteristics are equal. We currently offer power generators ranging from a dozen kW to an astounding 3000kW. Larger generator sets are available should you need them, but please call to check availability.


Electric Power Generator in Northern California — Located in San Francisco

Located in San Francisco, Northern California, Generators Unlimited should be your first choice for an electric power generator rental! We have the variety and expertise to make your weekend or industrial project flow as smoothly as possible! When you need a rental generator to get the job done, contact us for our free rental advisory service. To rent an electric power generator, please call us for a quote and reservation. We provide a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with your generator rental. You will encounter no hidden fees with us.

An electric generator rental from us is a wise investment in your event, whether you need it for back up or as your main power source. Our electric power generator rentals are priced fairly and come with full technical support. We run a low overhead operation, thereby allowing us to rent top quality products at bottom prices reasonable enough for small businesses. Our electric power generators run longer and more reliably than propane power generators. Try one of our silent generators if you’re shooting an event in which audio is important (e.g., music videos, movies, and weddings). Our electric generators are also more economical to run, as you save money on gasoline and propane. Be sure to contact us before your event so that we can reserve a generator for you.


Silent Generators and Environmental Awareness

Like many companies around during and after the 1990s, Generators Unlimited saw the new trend of growing environmental awareness. Many of its customers want to do their part while at the same time holding their power-hungry event. This is possible with “green power.”  Our green power generators use biofuel, which is generated from renewable sources. If you too are environmentally aware, please contact us to inquire about renting an environmentally friendly generator.

Electric Power Generators in Northern California — Power Generator Rentals in Mendocino Wine Country

We offers technical support for all customers. With every rental, we will tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. From our decades of experience in the power generator industry and working with clients from nearly every industry, we know exactly what problems you can expect and how to solve them. With your rental, we will give you an in-depth consultation and answer all your questions. If you need face-to-face help, we can provide them to you, as long as you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or Northern California. We are located in San Francisco but consider all of Northern California our home and family. Our northern California rental service provides remarkable customer support for all generator rentals. With natural gas, diesel, and dual fuel generators, we can provide you the power you need for something as big as construction equipment or as “invisible” as lighting. Servicing customers throughout Northern California, we provide generators from Mendocino Wine Country to Monterey.


Electric Power Generators in Northern California

California is growing at a rapid rate,” Randall Venerable, CEO of Generators Unlimited says. “So many temporary events and facilities must find a way to power their tools, but they usually don’t have the resources to buy a permanent power source. So they come to us. It’s a very good time right now to be in Northern California. We are finding ways to provide huge amounts of power while removing the environmental damage they cause.” Venerable was referring to biofuel power generation that is competing to make environmental-damaging power sources redundant. While still holding traditional generators for rent in Pebble Beach and Mendocino Wine Country, Generators Unlimited gives its customers the choice: select what you need for YOUR event, but take the environment into consideration.


Power Generator Rental CA

If you need a generator for your event in CA, please call us now. We’ve been renting power generators in CA for more than 20 years. Businesses across CA have been relying on us for several reasons, not the least of which is customer service. We have the loyalty of businesses throughout Mendocino Wine Country, Pebble Beach, San Francisco and many other areas in CA. Our biofuel generator rentals are soaring in Mendocino Wine Country, mainly because of the community’s environmental-conscious attitude. Our power generator rentals in Ca can protect your business or project againts blackouts. But that isn’t the only reason your event might need our back-up juice. The power generator is a form of insurance to ensure your event runs smoothly. Even if you plan your event “to the t,” something always goes wrong. If the power goes out, everything goes wrong. We don’t require reservation fees, so if you have an upcoming event, call us now. You can cancel at any time. We will also teach you how to use our power generators. With our huge power generator rental inventory, you’ll get a custom solution for YOUR event.

Generators for Rent – San Francisco

Generators Unlimited was founded by industry veterans who recognized that purchasing a power generator is just too expensive for most event companies. This is especially true for individuals who are holding their first power-hungry event. To become competitive with generator sales companies, we decided to rent out generators before other companies in San Francisco realized this need. We also understood that dramatic cost reduction achieved by renting (instead of buying) will make holding events fundamentally better — more of your budget can be spent on making your event remarkable! Thus, we are taking a different approach than most generator companies in San Francisco: rent diesel power generators in northern California so as to indirectly improve the quality of events. We aren’t here bragging about our incrementally better technologies. Instead, we are here to admit we know why you need a power generator: It is all about creating the best event possible!


San Francisco Generators for Hire

For most events, it is a wiser and easier option to rent your power generator as opposed to buying one. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get the generator unit installed by a professional. Because this is a potentially dangerous installation, it is important that you have it done by an experienced professional. We charge zero fees for this installation. Whether you need a silent generator in San Francisco or a portable generator in Oakland, we rent it. With a large ready-to-rent inventory, we can fill the needs of most events. It’s been two decades since we started this generator rental company in San Francisco. We’ve filed requests for an emergency standby equipment to requests for movie filmings.


Power Generator Hire for San Francisco Concerts

San Francisco is a musical city. Without its numerous outdoor concerts, San Francisco wouldn’t have a name for music. But outdoor concerts require large amounts of power, and batteries just can’t cut it! What would you do if your concert suddenly ran out of power? These days, most people simply take power generation for granted. They think that what’s powering their amplifiers and lights will never go out. But that’s not always the case. And that’s why a generator rental isn’t an easy decision. What if you rent an old generator that suddenly goes out in the middle of your concert? The reality of the matter is that most power generator companies have generators that are in desperate need of updating. At Generators Unlimited, however, we ensure that our generators aren’t going to cut out on any of our customers. In fact, we guarantee it!

Generators for Rent in San Jose

We have been providing reliable generators for rent in the San Jose area for over 18 years. We can “hook you up” with a generator in under 24 hours for any power supply needs you might have. We understand that many events are planned on a tight schedule; we can accommodate your schedule by getting your generator out to you as soon as you need it — just give us a day’s notice. Whether you’re looking for a silent generator in Oakland or a diesel generator in San Jose, we can get it to your home or place of business tomorrow!


Diesel Generator Rental, San Jose

We have over 500 customers in the Northern California area. We strive to provide our customers with great service and competitive prices. Over 20% of our current customers are repeat customers, and some have been with us more than 10 years! You know how difficult it can be to arrange an event to where everything lines up perfectly. We do too, which is why we are always here, year round, to make the process easier, whether you need a power generator hire in Stockton or a movie-silent generator in San Jose. And we have more than just power generators; ask us about our other rental equipment that could help you make your event run more smoothly. We cover all of the northern California area, including San Jose, Oakland, and Carmel. Call us to get a match for your specific criteria for your event in San Jose or Northern California.


Diesel Power Generators in Northern California

Welcome to Generators Unlimited, where the variety of generators in unmatched. Whether you’re waist-deep in dirt and need industrial standby power for your project or just looking for something small to power your outdoor event, we’re here to help you get what you need. In all of Northern California and San Jose, you won’t find a friendlier staff. When you’re in the market for generators for rent San Jose, just call in and have a chat with us. We won’t give you the hard-sell, but we will give you the knowledge you need to make the right generator rental decision. We’re happy to help you find the perfect generator for your event. Check out our products page to see what we have. If you require any assistance at all in making your selection, call. You can even stop in—we’ll be here, waiting to help.

Generators Unlimited Generator Rentals

After becoming the largest generator rental company in Northern California history, Generators Unlimited stopped focusing on expansion and started focusing on customer service. Our customer service system is focused entirely on relationship building. Our philosophy is to make your event or party possible, running as smoothly as possible. Should you have any questions or special needs, just let us know.

Our company’s initial focus was on merely procuring and renting generators across Northern California. But during the past financial crisis, almost all buyers and renters were focused only on price. Our generators were already widely used by special events and the movie industry in Northern California. But we found that after 2008, our customers were looking for more. CEO Randall Venerable was amongst one of the few 2008 business owners who recognized the potential of shifting the company focus to customer satisfaction. He persuaded the other departments in Generators Unlimited to carry out a new system of customer satisfaction. The idea was at first not entirely supported, but soon everyone was in; it was simple: Seeing a happy customer made us happy.

Diesel Power Generators Draw Attention

Generators Unlimited is proud to be one of the few generator rental companies that rents “movie-silent” generators in Northern California. The “movie-silent” name originated from the California’s movie industry. Today, the movie industry cares greatly about small details in sound quality. Loud diesel generators draw attention via their noise, which is why we’ve switched to offering both “movie-silent” generators to those who need them AND diesel power generators in northern California. Our employees are constantly working to find out how we can meet our customers’ needs for every event, as our customer base has diverse needs. Today, we are only focusing on the (vast) Northern California area, so prospects from other parts of California need not apply. At one time we were thinking of expanding as far as possible, but now we just want to make our community’s residents happy.

We are your #1 power generator rental service here in San Francisco and Northern California. We stock a large inventory of generators for all of your special event needs. Whether you’re holding a movie shooting, a wedding or a concert, we can supply the generators and service. The customized solution is our bread and butter. Whatever you need, just name it. We promise to provide the best customized solution you can get in Northern California. Whether you need a premium generator with enough power for standby industrial jobs or a specialized piece of technology to power your outdoor event, we are certified to give you the best! Get quality service at a fair and affordable price. We won’t turn you away because of budget or location (provided you are in our area), so hurry up and give us a call now!

Diesel Generators In Fresno

Generators Unlimited has been supplying Sanford with diesel generators for over 16 years! We are the number one generator rental company in Northern California. We have been providing power generator rentals in Stanford to companies and individuals ranging from construction companies to event producers. View our website and blog to see examples of the events we have put on in Sanford, Berkeley, and San Francisco (the location of our headquarters).

After more than doubling in price over the past ten years, the cost of diesel has affected many businesses, including ours. Yet we aim to keep prices low. While we don’t like to flaunt the low prices of our rentals, you should know that we do our best to fight the rising diesel prices. As our goal is supplying electric power generators in Fresno, we want to ensure that the events that require diesel generators can still rent them at an affordable price.

Silent Diesel Generators in Stanford, CA 94305

We overthink every diesel generator purchase our company makes. When we buy a multi-thousand dollar generator, as we do quite often, we do our research, analyzing whether Stanford residents will get more benefit out of this diesel generator rental than others. But so far, we have been happy with all our generators. One such type, a new type of generator, is especially useful for events that would be disturbed by the not-so-gentle humming of a diesel generator. With these new “silent generators,” you can run your wedding or move filming without being disturbed by the sound of a running generator. You could run these babies in a national park and not scare away even a chipmunk.

For those of you familiar with California, as most Stanford residents are, you’ll know that many Californians consider California to consist of two separate states: Northern California and Southern California. While the borders of these states are not well defined, most California residents have an idea of which state lies where on the US map. Of course, every business has a motivation to expand, but expansion comes at a cost. At Generators Unlimited, we’ve defined our market clearly: Northern California. We’ve done so for three reasons. First, the population of Northern California is enough to support our business. Second, we are much more familiar with the communities here (in fact, we are residents here!) and would prefer to keep providing generators to the communities that we know and love, sending our silent generators to Oakland and helping event planners power up their amps and lighting in Stanford. Third, because we have to actually drive the generators out to you, we want to make it fast for you and less troublesome for our drivers. Should you need us, we sit here on the San Francisco Peninsula. We can send you a generator, as long as you are in Northern California — whether Woodside or Stanford. Just pick up the phone and give us a call (call again if our lines are busy; they will free up in a few minutes).

Welcome To Our Future San Jose CA Clients!

Generators Unlimited is San Jose’s premier full service generator provider. We specialize in rentals, service, and installation for all types and sizes of generators. We know generators and only rent out the most trusted generator brands on the market. If you are looking for a small portable generator to power a wedding or a large 20KW backup generator for industrial work, you have come to the right website! We also service the greater San Jose area.

Generators Unlimited, a small California-based firm founded by Randall Venerable (a 16-year veteran of the Northern California power generator industry), offers portable”movie quiet” generators specifically for the motion picture and events industries. The system employs up to 3000 amps. The generator is most suited for events in which sound is of the essence. Standard generators, on the other hand, would make too much noise to properly film a quiet drama or wedding ceremony.

Generators Unlimited Carry Biodiesel Generators

Having a standard generator for back-up power is great – unless you care about the environment. The negative aspect of the being in the generator industry – perhaps the only negative aspect – is that in a way, I’m contributing to global warming. So what’s the solution? Biodiesel fuel: End-users of our generators can use our generators without worry about damaging the environment or fulfilling new, tough environmental regulations.

A trusted generator rental provider, Generators Unlimited also offers a wide selection of “like new” and “used” generators for sale. Should you feel you need a portable generator constantly positioned in San Jose, you can buy one of our various generators for sale in San Jose. We will meet your demands when reliable portable power is required. The performance and durability of our generators have made us the generator provider of choice for industrial and construction businesses in San Jose.

Portable Power Generators in Napa

Popular rental items for events in Napa Valley, including San Pablo Bay, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville, American Canyon, and Calistoga, our quiet, portable generator rentals are big enough to power virtually any event you can plan. If you can plan it, we can keep it running for hours. We are Napa’s leader in high-quality generators, providing the quietest, easiest to operate generators on the market. We focus on customer service, so should you have any special requests, we can typically fulfill them.

Compare our power generator business with those of our competitors and you’ll see where we differ: customer service and loyalty. Consult with our experienced generator experts for free on the phone. Ask us about buying our rentals — we’ll sell if we like you! Or just ask our hundreds of satisfied customers. Not only do we offer the most silent standby generator in California but we do it with a smile. From 2kw to 350 kW, natural gas or biodiesel, we have generators for any possible need. Each customer is treated as a friend. We want to give you the maximum performance and reliability — the solution you need.


Environmentally Friendly Power Generators in Napa

Randall Venerable, CEO of Generators Unlimited, advocates environmental responsibility. He now offers biodiesel generators to counter the environmental damage caused by standard natural gas generators. This makes a tremendous difference to the earth those living on the earth — man and animal. Ask about our biodiesel generators.

Generators Unlimited’s portable generators provide the performance and dependability you can count on, guaranteed. Generators Unlimited maintains its own generators and has been doing so for 16 years. Generators Unlimited also provides full installation, eliminating the need for a research or hiring technicians. Whether you need a small power generator for a wedding in San Francisco or a standby power generator for industrial work in Napa, Generators Unlimited’s portable generators contain the features you need for your activity of choice.